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Oakham Contemporary Gallery Artist Daisy Clayton in GQ Magazine

We're excited to announce that following on from her inclusions in the September and October 20 editions of The World of Interiors magazine, Daisy Clayton, one of the galleries rising stars has made it into the January/February 2021 edition of GQ magazine. Her beautiful piece "The Lighthouse" available from Oakham Contemporary is shown in the bumper double edition of GQ Magazine @britishgq.

Daisy paints landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and harbours. Daisy uses heavy texture to create depth, capturing the viewer by inducing memories and emotions whilst providing room for unique interpretation. Working around a focal point, she finishes her paintings by adding gold leaf, rose gold leaf or silver leaf.

You can view and purchase the piece by visiting the Oakham Contemporary gallery website at

If you would like further information then please call or Direct Message at: @oakhamcontemporary or email at:

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