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The Cornwall Series by David Barrow MAFA - Now previewing at Oakham Contemporary

Previewing now to Monday 19th July 2021 - The Cornwall series of paintings by the Wigan artist David Barrow MAFA are now previewing at the Oakham Contemporary online gallery.

In David's most current body of work, he brings to life the freedom of childhood through a naive style. He encapsulates the spirit of children playing using pastel colours and repetitions of shapes and patterns. The repetition creates a unique and contemporary style that gives the series uniformity. It also creates a rhythm, breathing life into the paintings and narrating the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

David visited Cornwall in 2019, where he went to a wedding. He was captivated by the stunning scenery and beauty of the place in the vibrant summer sun. David made lots of sketches during his stay. When he returned home he painted his interpretation of the views he saw.

Preview access passes are available by visiting the Oakham Contemporary gallery website at:

Telephone: 01572 337580 or email:

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