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Durham Art Gallery Directory
Durham Art Galleries

The Durham Art Gallery directory lists the Durham art galleries that feature British Contemporary Art, traditional contemporary paintings, Scottish art, Irish Art, paintings by Durham Artists and paintings by the leading international Artists.

Oakham Contemporary is an innovative and exciting Augmented Reality Technology (ART) gallery. By taking a new approach to art gallery viewing, Durham art collectors are selecting Oakham Contemporary as their gallery of choice for both British Art and international art. Home to established contemporary artists and the leading emerging artists, Oakham Contemporary has become one of the most talked about independent contemporary art galleries.

Oakham Contemporary is not affiliated with the Durham art galleries listed in the directory. The Durham art gallery directory is provided as a service to Durham Art collectors and to the Durham art galleries.

Durham art gallery collectors can contact Oakham Contemporary on:

Telephone: 01572 337580

WhatsApp: 01572 337580



The Rutland Gallery


The gallery directory is owned and operated by The Rutland Gallery. If you would like to view any of the artwork available online within the gallery then please call The Rutland Gallery directly and they will be pleased to arrange a viewing for you:

Telephone: 01572 510048


Durham Art Galleries

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