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Paul Beauvais

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 51.0cm x 61.0cm (20″ x 24″)

Signed: Yes

Framed: Yes


Artist’s Statement
My grandfather came from Toulon in the south of France. When he was young the area was still undeveloped. This painting was taken from an old photograph that he brought to England which showed an old house looking out over the Mediterranean.

French Riviera by Paul Beauvais

  • Paul Beauvais’ earliest influences were the works of the impressionists. The palette of Claude Monet, the textures of Camille Pissarro and the overall genius of post-impressionist Paul Cezanne. Paul became fascinated with heavy impasto in oil painting and began to use it in all of his work. As an established artist Beauvais began to free up his style and introduce a semi abstract technique. The paintings available in the gallery today represent a beautiful collection of his semi abstract work.




Virtual Images - Where artworks are shown framed or within a room setting the images have been created using virtual/augmented reality software in some instances. The images are provided to give an idea of the scale of the artwork in the context of a room and the style of the framing. They should not be viewed as completely accurate e.g. the scale and the style/colours of the frame may vary slightly.