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Peter Clossick NEAC PPLG

Peter Clossick studied at Camberwell School of Art and Goldsmiths College during the early 1970s and has been engaged in professional fine art practice since. He is a member and Past President of The London Group an artist collective established in 1913 and also a member of The New English Art Club under the Federation of British Artists.

Recent Quotes

“I hope something good comes of your exhibition, this is probably not of any help or relevance – but – of the images in the catalogue “Raft” and “Venus de Medici statue” worked for me….” Frank Auerbach 2019

"He has, most certainly, found a way of working that allows him to draw and paint his experiences of things in an utterly truthful way” Nicholas Usherwood 2019

"Clossick’s painting asserts its significance through the vigour with which it is invoked in the constructed morphology of the paint surface” Dr Eric Coombes 2019

"His is the moving and heuristic gaze, the act of discovering of the world through the exploration of possibilities.” “Speak of the uncertainties, anxieties and mysteries of existence of our time. He makes us feel the present, the here and now of our being in the world, the joy and the anguish of life in moments of heightened sensation. This is never a simple description of the outer skin of things, but rather a multi-layered reality.” Corinna Lotz 2018

London Group (Past President)
New English Art Club

2016: Columbia Threadneedle Prize award winner
2016: NEAC Peter Ashley Prize
'16 / '12 / '08: Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize award winner

1978-1979: Goldsmiths’ College
1974-1978: Camberwell School of Art
1966-1969: Leicester Polytechnic

2018: Tate Britain’s Great Art Walks, Sky Arts
2003: Night Waves, BBC Radio 4

Greenwich College
Life Long Learning UK
Lyndon Hall Studio Collection
Moorefields Eye Hospital
Ruth Borchard Collection
Working Men’s College

In Print
Hammering Out A Poem
ISBN 978-1-78808-325-6

Spirit & Matter
ISBC 978-0-9555510-4-8

Painting Without a Brush, Studio Vista
ISBN 0-289-80060-9

Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945
ISBN 0-95322609-0-9

The London Group
ISBN 0-9545238-0-6

The Arborealists
ISBN 978-1-908326-86-7

Colour & Texture
ISBN 978-0-9555510-1-7

Who’s Who in Art, 37th Edition

Selected. London unless stated

2019: Retroactive, The Cello Factory (June 2019)
2018: Hammering Out A Poem, Felix & Spear 
2017: Spirit & Matter, Felix & Spear
2007: In Touch, Highgate Gallery
2000: Scribbles & Scratches, Blackheath Halls
1995: Coventry Gallery
1989: Sweet Waters Gallery
1984: Tudor Barn Gallery
1979: Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Two person
2015: Lovely Gallery w/ Julie Held NEAC
2010: Boundary Gallery w/ Julie Held NEAC
2005: Walk Gallery w/ Anthony Whishaw RA
2003: W.lands Art Gallery w/ Anthony Eyton RA

2019: Winter Group Show, Linden Hall Studio
2018: The London Group Annual, The Cello Factory
2018: Lynn Painter-Stainers, Mall Galleries
2017: Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries
2017: Personal Relations, Pulchri, The Hague
2017: Personal relations, Mirror Gallery,  Vicenza
2017: Les Dortoirs Des Moins, Saint Benoit
2016: Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy
2016: Ruth Borchard Next Generation, Kings Place
2016: Felix & Spear
2016: Thompson’s Gallery
2015: Ruth Borchard Portrait Prize
2015: Belgrave Gallery, St Ives 
2015: Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries

Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions
'89 / '90 / '03 / '04 / '05 / '08 / '09

Threadneedle Prize
'09 / '13 / '16
Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize
'07 / '08 / '12 / '16 / '18                    
Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries
'90 / '05 / '08 / '16 
Hunting Art Prizes
'90 / '92 / '93 / '04 / '05              

Pre ‘89
John Moores 17 / Art Miami / Portrait Society
20th Century British Art / Whitechapel Open
New Burlington Gallery / South London Gallery
Camden Arts Centre / Battersea Arts Centre

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