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Max White

Max White (b 1998) is a contemporary figurative painter based in the south east of England working primarily in London. Sketching from an early age and taking up oil painting at 14 Max went on to study architecture in Cardiff whilst exhibiting in Kent based galleries in the summers between terms.

 Having graduated in 2019 Max made the decision to plan for a future career as an artist. Whilst working part time in his local town of Oxted he focused on developing his technique through self-study in his home studio painting urban scenes taken from 35mm photographs, and painting the local Surrey hills en Plein air. This continued through the pandemic of 2020 and Max's focus shifted almost entirely to plein air painting within the urban environment of London. 

Max White’s influences include the original impressionists, Monet, Boudin etc and their predecessors, Whistler, Corot, Constable, and the old masters. Max also takes inspiration from the latest pioneers of British Plein Air painting such as Ken Howard, Fred Cuming, and Peter Brown. 

Max has exhibited with multiple societies within the Federation of British Artists and has exhibited in various initiatives and group shows in the past few years. He plans to continue developing his skills and techniques in order to progress his work.

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