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David J. Ansell

I was brought up in the seaside resort of Fleetwood in Lancashire. From a very young age I discovered I had a natural ability for drawing. My first influences were the caricature drawings of Arnold Taylor, that I encountered on the postcards that filled the many gift shops along the promenade. I loved the way he did his caricatures, and this spurred me on to do caricatures of people, in particular my school teachers!! They were received with great hilarity!!

I loved art so much that I was encouraged to take it as my main subject at school and upon leaving school I gained a place at the Harris School of Art in Preston in the mid-sixties. Unfortunately, I became disillusioned as I was being pushed in the direction of commercial art, which I hated, as this was where the job opportunities were. After 2 years I left and pursued a career in office work. I still carried on with my love of art and drew caricatures of my work colleagues, which I don't think helped my career much!

I discovered Lowry following his death in the mid-1970s, I loved his work and like him, I started putting my caricatures into everyday settings. My artwork took second place to my family and work life and upon retiring in 2016 I found that at last I had the time to pursue what I look on as my true vocation in life, art.