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Christopher E. Barrow ABNA

Christopher E. Barrow ABNA is a professional artist from Wigan in the North of England. Christopher E. Barrow is an elected member of the Association of British Naive Artists, his work is displayed in galleries all around the UK, and he has sold internationally.

Christopher E. Barrow is probably best known for his heavily populated urban scenes. They usually depict the bustling vibrancy of city life. Quite recently his work has evolved to absorb a cubist/geometric influence.

In Chris's own words "I realised that by incorporating cubism into the background of the paintings was very useful for what I was trying to achieve. It perfectly lent itself to the busy landscape of the city. Walking through a city you are hit by a multitude of colours, shapes and reflections. I found that for me, my take on cubism was the best way to describe this visually."

The future looks bright for Chris's work. He certainly has his place in the cannon of Northern artists. The influence of Lowry, Major and Isherwood is definitely present but his focus is on the evolution of art. He evidently builds on his influences to find something ever new.

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