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ASK Fulgur

Medium: Acrylic on acid-free card

Size: 84.0cm x 59.0cm (33″ x 23.25″)

Signed: Yes

Framed: Yes


Artist's Statement

In ancient times, it was believed that sculptures could be made to then inhabit a God or powerful force. This work was made while feeling a little negative about tension in the world, so I had this little craftsman making doves out of clay that would then spread peace upon the world. 

Dove Maker by ASK Fulgur

  • ASK Fulgur is a painter living and working in England. His impressionistic style is concerned with capturing light and organic forms in both the natural world and the imagined one. 

    A visionary artist, ASK pushes the boundaries of classical contemporary painting techniques. His paintings have been acquired by a wide range of collectors in UK, Europe, Russia and the US, and his last major exhibition in London was well recieved.  




Virtual Images - Where artworks are shown framed or within a room setting the images have been created using virtual/augmented reality software in some instances. The images are provided to give an idea of the scale of the artwork in the context of a room and the style of the framing. They should not be viewed as completely accurate e.g. the scale and the style/colours of the frame may vary slightly.