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David J Ansell

Medium: Watercolour on Paper

Size: 21.0cm x 28.0cm (8.25″ x 11″)

Signed: Yes

Framed: Yes


Artist’s Statement
Christmas Shopping harking back to the days before Christmas was commercialised and goods didn't appear in the shops until December. Remembering shops like Woolworths and BHS and carol singers.  

Christmas Shopping by David J Ansell

  • David J Ansell was brought up in the northern seaside town of Fleetwood in Lancashire. From a very young age he discovered that he had a natural ability for drawing. Ansell’s influences are the caricature drawings of Arnold Taylor, that he encountered on the postcards that filled the many gift shops along the promenade, and the works of the great Northern artist, L.S. Lowry.
    David J Ansell’s paintings are drawn from memory and imagination and are a wonderful snapshot of a bygone era.