View on a Wall


Joe Giampalma


Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 91.0cm x 71.0cm (35.75″ x 28″)

Signed: Yes

Framed: No


Artist’s Statement

One of my earliest memories is being taken around Loughborough market with my father as he searched the vast fruit and vegetable stalls whilst market traders shouted their offers and prices over each other. This became a regular fixture of the weekend and I would always look forward to what he would bring back from the market. After exploring the painting of the fruit and vegetables on the market stalls at school, I have regularly revisited this over the last ten years. I am captivated by the different array of colours and form.

A pound a bag by Joe Giampalma

  • Joe Giampalma’s work concentrates on the idea of capturing a persons’ mood and personality at a glance. He works quickly with expressive brush and knife marks to try and attain a sense of movement within his paintings. This process sometimes distorts and twists the figure out of recognition completely and although he feels likeness to the subject is important, he believes that it is vital that he leaves his response to the subject through expressive and vivid marks.




Virtual Images - Where artworks are shown framed or within a room setting the images have been created using virtual/augmented reality software in some instances. The images are provided to give an idea of the scale of the artwork in the context of a room and the style of the framing. They should not be viewed as completely accurate e.g. the scale and the style/colours of the frame may vary slightly. 

An online gallery with an augmented reality option is very forward looking and very appealing to the buyer.

The picture arrived this afternoon, very well packed and in excellent condition. It is indeed a very fine picture.

The painting is received and is a really nice small study-like work...

Thank you very much for all your help.