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Tin Odescalchi

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper

Size: 42.0cm x 59.0cm (16.5″ x 23″)

Signed: Yes

Framed: Yes


Artist’s Statement
Painted halfway up the hill above our house in Somerset. I love the heavy wood on the left with the steep angle of the hill and the couple of small trees to break up the angle. I love autumn colours and the subtle colours of the distance beyond.

Autumn Hillside and distance by Tin Odescalchi

  • Tin Odescalchi's paintings fall within the traditional conception of landscape composition but also display a primary concern for the performance of the paint itself. Tin works with great immediacy direct from the subject with bold mark-making. Tin’s work has its roots in the tradition of Constable and Turner, but is characterised by the handling of paint more recognisable in artists such as Auerbach, and Freud. Tin has exhibited with many notable galleries both nationally and internationally. Tin’s landscapes are a beautiful addition to any room.




Virtual Images - Where artworks are shown framed or within a room setting the images have been created using virtual/augmented reality software in some instances. The images are provided to give an idea of the scale of the artwork in the context of a room and the style of the framing. They should not be viewed as completely accurate e.g. the scale and the style/colours of the frame may vary slightly. 

An online gallery with an augmented reality option is very forward looking and very appealing to the buyer.

The picture arrived this afternoon, very well packed and in excellent condition. It is indeed a very fine picture.

The painting is received and is a really nice small study-like work...

Thank you very much for all your help.

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