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Balancing on a Fine Line - Scott Tetlow

We are delighted to include the stunning ink on paper artworks by the artist Scott Tetlow in the Oakham Contemporary gallery. Scott Tetlow was born in Rochdale, England in 1969 and during his late teens, whilst roadying for punk bands, he would spend his free time sketching punks and designing album covers. Scott's work has since evolved into impressive statement pieces that not only catch the eye but make the viewer think.

Scott says of his ink on paper art "Each time I pick up my tools, I am running out onto a tightrope – I can’t stop. I have to keep going to get to the other side. There is no time to question myself or correct mistakes because I have to get the marks down with confidence. I don’t get a second chance and I can’t rework it, every mark has to flow out of me to give the figure movement. If I haven’t studied the lines, if I don’t fully understand them the drawing just won’t work. Every single line on each of my drawings is inspired by a living object, the result being that every line has the energy of a living thing."

John Jolley at the Oakham Contemporary said "Scott Tetlow's artwork is just stunning, we are both excited and extremely proud to be representing Scott's work in the gallery."

Further information on Scott Tetlow's ink drawings is available online at

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Oakham Contemporary is located in Oakham, Rutland, UK.

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