Lives and works in Leicestershire.

After studying Fashion Design at Loughborough College of Art and Design I spent many years working in the fashion industry. Now I find I have the time to paint, and with my great love of Nature, a love of the great outdoors, and by no means least, an enduring love of animals, it comes as no surprise that these are the subjects I invariably paint.

Cattle, their soulful expressions, combined with the power of their presence, always tempt me as a subject, and I find myself repeatedly drawn to them. Likewise, our canine friends in their multitude of breeds and personalities provide endless inspiration.

A sculptural old tree, a river of reflections, or a rugged coastline, speak to me of a timeless Nature, and I enjoy the challenge of displaying their dramatic appeal.

At the moment I paint almost exclusively in Soft Pastel, relishing the richness of pigment and the butteriness of application the medium offers.  I like to work with a looseness of expression, sometimes scraping back layers to reveal tone and depth, whilst always trying to maintain the energy of mark and vibrancy of colour.

To capture light and spirit are important to me. I like to find a dynamic angle for my work; a viewpoint with which to express the character of my subject. 

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