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Tracy Dovey

“I am a figurative painter telling stories using folksong, fairytale and a mythic narrative.

I strive to make beautiful work that sometimes discombobulates and hopefully provokes thoughtfulness as I believe storytelling is crucial to our development of empathy and therefore the way we interact with each other.”

Tracy Dovey went to film school after completing a foundation course in Art. Tracy had a love for drawing and studied animation while at film school, an age before computers took over. Like a lot of women Tracy Dovey stumbled away from her artistic career path when she had her children. 

Tracy worked as a waitress and in 2018 she gave up her waitressing job and became an almost full time painter. “The first thing I did was enter a painting into the 166th RWA Open Exhibition in Bristol and amazingly it was accepted (and sold in the first week!) and that gave me a huge boost. I also had two paintings accepted for the 168th RWA Exhibition”. 

Tracy Dovey has her work in several galleries and is about to embark on an MA in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art.

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