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Joe Giampalma

Joe Giampalma is 27 years old and lives and works in Leicestershire, England. Joe is an emerging artist who has already exhibited his work successfully in various galleries around the UK.

Joe has been fascinated with painting people ever since he was a teenager but has spent the last 10 years exploring different subject matter as well, from life painting to landscapes. Still life and landscapes are subjects that are very important to him because he feels he can lose himself in the intense colours and abstract forms that nature creates. However, painting people is what interests him the most.

Joe’s work concentrates on the idea of capturing a persons’ mood and personality at a glance. He works quickly with expressive brush and knife marks to try and attain a sense of movement within his paintings. This process sometimes distorts and twists the figure out of recognition completely and although he feels likeness to the subject is important, he believes that it is vital that he leaves his response to the subject through expressive and vivid marks.

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