looking at art


Oakham Contemporary is a new and exciting Augmented Reality Technology (ART) gallery. By taking an innovative approach to a traditional medium, Oakham Contemporary brings Augmented Reality art gallery viewing into our online gallery visitor’s homes.

Select an artwork from the gallery and click the "Visualise On Your Wall" button. If you have not previously downloaded the Art Visualiser app then you will be automatically redirected to the download page. Download the app and within seconds you can be viewing the framed artwork on the walls of your very own home.

Art Visualiser is a cutting-edge Augmented Reality App for Apple and Google Play which allows Oakham Contemporary Art Buyers to visualise Art in perfect scale on their own walls.

Looking for a piece of Art for a specific space? It can be hard to choose the right size and shape.
Ever take a piece of Art home and realise it just doesn’t work? The Art Visualiser app will show you exactly what it will look like in perfect scale.