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The Augmented Reality Contemporary ART Gallery

Oakham Contemporary is an innovative and exciting independent British and European contemporary art gallery. Home to established contemporary artists and the leading emerging artists, Oakham Contemporary has become one of the most talked about independent art galleries. By taking an innovative approach to a traditional medium, Oakham Contemporary brings Augmented Reality Technology (ART) Gallery viewing into our online gallery visitor’s homes. Select any artwork from the gallery and within seconds you can be viewing it on the walls of your very own home.


The Oakham Contemporary Gallery has an eclectic portfolio. While we represent the work of established artists we also feel it important to shine a light on exciting new emerging talent. For this reason the work of newly discovered artists sits alongside the work of highly acclaimed established artists within the gallery.


All of the online art gallery artworks are available for purchase from ourselves and are available for shipment internationally.

Rye Harbour, Winter by Karl Terry.jpg

Contemporary landscape artists: Stuart Buchanan, Jane Price, Andrew Farmer, Gerry Halpin MBE

Non-representational and abstract works from artists including Paul Beauvais.

Resting by a Tree by Paul Beauvais.jpg
A kind cup of tea by Richard Sorrell.jpg

Figurative art from leading artists including Ghislaine Howard, Richard Sorrell and Peter Clossick.

Canal Builders by Steven Royles

Northern Art from artists including: Steven Royles, David Barrow, Christopher E Barrow and David J Ansell.

Lower Wharf by Martin John Fowler.jpg

Seascapes, beach and seaside inspired images by leading contemporary artists including Karl Terry, Martin John Fowler.

Huge selfie by lamplight by Tim Benson.j

Stunning portraiture from artists including Tim Benson and Paul Wright.

Wild Poppies by the Shore Jackie Philip.

Animal and wildlife art from artists including: Jackie Philip.

Study after Rembrandt by Peter Clossick.jpg

Stunning figurative drawings.

Red legged chair by Lorraine Wake.jpg

Beautiful Still Life artwork from artists including: Lorraine Wake and Jackie Philip. 

Peter Clossick Profile Picture.jpg

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